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In December 2012, I will be acting in an independent psychological thriller, TEN, and helping with a variety of behind-the-scenes tasks in the marketing and photography realm.

For most of 2011, I worked as a content editor at Pixability, a Cambridge-based startup focused on social video marketing, helping companies create and promote videos to market their products and services. I wrote about social media, video marketing, and more on the company blog.

I spent the summer of 2009 interning at Veriscope Pictures, a science documentary production company in Watertown, MA.  I worked on four films for Nat Geo’s Naked Science series, including Dinosaurs Decoded, which aired in October 2009.  The other three films have not yet aired.  My responsibilities at Veriscope included finding footage, editing scripts, finding crews for shoots, and researching science topics.  I also assisted on several shoots.  I have some experience using both Avid and Final Cut Pro.

While working in the Stem Cell Research Program at Children’s Hospital Boston (2010-2011), I assisted with several video projects (planning and asking interview questions, commenting on rough cuts, and promoting the finished videos via social media). Here is one of the videos I worked on:

While studying science journalism at Boston University, I took a course in science documentary film-making.  For my final project, I produced this mini-documentary with a classmate:

While working as a research assistant for one of my professors, Ellen Ruppel Shell, I helped create a promotional film for her book, Cheap: The High Cost of Discount Culture. I created the concept and assisted on the shoot:

I’ve recently begun producing videos for my food blog: