jellyMy science background and lifelong love of writing led me to attend graduate school for Science Journalism.  Favorite topics to write about include infectious diseases, neurology, the environment, food, and technology, but I am available for freelance science writing assignments of all kinds.

Writing Samples

Saving Bleeding Trauma Patients: Too Much Tradition, Too Little Evidence

Musical Memories Can Survive Alzheimer’s Destruction

  • Science Metropolis


  • Managing editor of the Journal of Undergraduate Research (University of Rochester, 2004-2006)
  • Lab work in an Alzheimer’s research lab (University of Rochester Medical Center, 2004-2008)
  • BS in Neuroscience (University of Rochester, 2007)
  • MS in Science Journalism (Boston University, 2010)
  • Six month contract as Associate Science Editor (Environmental Science department at Pearson Education, a textbook publishing company, 2010)
  • Six month contract as Communications Specialist (Stem Cell Research Program at Children’s Hospital Boston, 2010-2011)